Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Miss Julia

I had my eye on some adorable pictures of a little girl and her curly hair. I was totally and completely inspired! So, I called my wonderful friend, Melanie and asked her if I could take some pictures of her daughter. She had that perfect curly hair, and her personality is pretty much hilarious! =) So here are the pictures that were taken withing 10 minutes! ;-) Because after that, it was HER turn to take the pictures! ;-)

Annnd, a little pictures of her cute little sister!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Time to Catch up?

I haven't really been blogging. I've been in a quiet mood lately. Well, actually I guess that's not really true. To be honest, I've thought about blogging a few times then though "na, i need to get this done first." Which was true, there have been important things that have needed to be done lately. Lots of them. That's because I'm leaving Saturday. AHHH!!! What?? how in the world is it already May 16??? How in the world is vacation THIS Saturday? And how in the WORLD is the Wilds next Saturday?? If you can't tell, it has all kind-of snuck up on me. Here's what's going on…Saturday I'm shooting a wedding (super excited!), then leaving for the beach with Tifster to meet up with our family who will already be there (Linz, i'm still gonna catch up with you on your tan!). We are going to enjoy the beach (which I'm more than SUPER excited about) until Friday and head back. Then on Saturday morning Tiff any I will head out to the Wilds. Is your head spinning yet? Yeah, mine is too.

So last Saturday was free. But instead of blogging, and doing other fun things, I decided I had better start packing. That's because I'm the QUEEN of procrastination when it comes to packing. I LOVED it a few years ago, what happened to me?! But I quickly found that was hard to do. Because, I still need to wear clothes, wash my face, brush my teeth, and wash my hair before I leave. Hmm….guess I'll throw those things into the "bag" on Saturday night. haha. Meanwhile my room is a wreck. The good part is that I wont be in there a whole ton this week, so it wont bother me too much.

Oh…and uhh…something that i'm a little (yeah right!) excited about…..another nephew has been born into the family!!!! Many congrats to my amazing sister Sherilyn and her husband, Matt! Three boys now….ooh fun! ;-) He wasn't suppose to be here until June 12th….but I'm glad he is here! Now I get to see him some before I leave for the summer!! I got to see him today….and I'm basically in love.

I mean seriously, aren't you? If you aren't, I guess it's ok….i'm just a tad bit bias.

This week is full of hanging out with friends and family and work. It got off to a great start yesterday with photography talks at starbucks, and long conversations in the car with dear friends. And today? I got to see my new nephew! Yay! =) I like weeks like this!
Happy Monday everyone!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Jake and Bek :: Married

*Sigh* Well it friend got married. It was so strange...yet so very happy =) So excited for Jake and Bek!! Thought I would share a bit of the happiness with you guys!

Loved the look on Mrs. Hammond's face during the ceremony!

Hugs from grandparents...

Meeting new friends.

They laughed a made our job easy! =)

Now that's the Hammond girls I know!

Beautiful sisters!

Michael decided it would be fun to throw the bowl of bird seed on them.

And they're off!

Congratulations Jake and Bek!

Friday, May 6, 2011

crafts and cookouts

Work today was spent making crafts and and playing at the park. And tonight we decided to grill out with some hot dogs and hamburgers. I loooove hot dogs...and i really love grilled hot dogs! was yummy.

First we started out finger painting some "binoculars".

Then he brought out his super cool glasses.

I even got some! haha

Alex's mom told me about a birds nest at the I got on a chair, lifted the camera up and got a shot of the eggs!

And there's the momma bird! Whew...getting pictures of birds is NOT easy. Good thing I had my super 70-200!

Tonight's dinner:

the start of some french fries!

getting the grill hot!

annnnd here we go!

chop, chop, chop!

time to eat! what a perfect night for eating outside!

Uh yes...that's Lindsey....

I hope you all had a fantastic Friday!