Friday, April 8, 2011

Birthdays....are fun!

Yesterday was my birthday. And it was fun.

For my birthday I got this from my friends....and yes, I've already gained 200 lbs.

On my birthday....

I went shopping with Linz.

I hung out with the nephews.

I got to be with my dad who is home recovering (!!!).

I got to see my two grandfathers, former pastor, and an old friend.

I also taught Timmy how to play baseball...and he did GREAT!

I watched Ethan help Linz wash the dog.

The birthday fun continued today at work. Alex and I share the same birthday! So it was only right to celebrate!

First we had Moes. Pretty sure it's a favorite for both of us.

(Yes, I know I'm the only one in focus...I'm already bad at taking self portraits, much less with a 3 year old!)

(This was before the cup was dropped and cracked in about 4 different places. Drink everywhere? Yes!)

I gave him a t-ball set for his present. We had a blast with it.

Goodness, this picture makes him look so BIG!

Anyone have a birthday anytime soon?


  1. Aww!!! These pictures are so sweet! Looks like you had a really good birthday!