Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Friday

While most girly-girls got up bright and early to watch the Royal Wedding this morning, I did not. Now, that's not because I didn't want to. Cause boy did I want to! Instead, I thought it would be mature (ha!) to practice some responsibility and get some sleep before the crazy day ahead. Plus, I'm pretty sure my cold already hates me for not getting enough sleep this week. It would have hated me even more if I deprived myself of more. So instead I got up, got ready for work, had my quiet time, and then hurried downstairs to catch a *little* bit of the wedding. I made good use of the time by putting my makeup on while I watched. hehe. I was happy with the 15 minutes I did get to see...but definitely second guessed my decision to sleep instead of watch the ceremony ;-)

So then it was time to head to work! I gave Alex breakfast and got him ready, and we headed out again. We stopped by to see Brittany at work, and to take her a morning doughnut! He was pretty excited about that! After that, I brought him to my house. We played outside for a while, and then Lindsey took over for me so I could go get ready and leave for the wedding. Bek's wedding!

My best friend's sister was getting married. But she's not just my best friends sister, or my sisters best friend, but she's one of my favoritest people too :) We call ourselves the foursome...because, that's basically what we are! Remember when we got together one last time before she got married? This is what that was all about.

On my way out the door, I knew I was forgetting something. I had all of my camera equipment and purse..what else was I missing? I realized later it was my drivers license. Yikes! Yes, I do panic when I realize I don't have my license with me. It's ok, I made it there and back with out being pulled over ;-) I got there, pulled out my camera, and started clicking away! I love the time while everyone is getting ready. So much fun :)

The weather was perfect, and the wedding was beautiful! It was so "Bake and Jek", as I kept calling them. Congratulations Bek, I'm so so so very happy for you!! =)


  1. THAT'S IT?? ONE PICTURE??'s good though!

  2. Lovely picture, Hailey! They look like a cute couple. You definitely have to watch a royal wedding re-run. It was a beautiful ceremony. *sigh* And all those big, crazy hats...amazing. =)