Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One day I'm going to be on Food Network

Just in case you didn't know, I have mad cooking skills. When I was a kid, I would always pretend there was a camera on the cabinet door, and I would act like I was on a cooking show. It was my favorite thing to do when I baked. Since I couldn't read a recipe alone, I would beg my sister (who will remain nameless. haha) to play "cooking show" with me. Funny thing was, it was her least favorite thing to do ;-) But many times she would let me do it anyway. To this day, I still really like cooking. And I might be a little obsessed with watching shows on the Food Network when I get the chance. Sometimes I'm even able to convince myself I'm pretty good with a few dishes.

Don't ask my sisters about it though. They might tell you about the time I poured 1 and 1/2 cups of salt into the cookie dough because I tried to double it. And yes, mom spent the rest of the night trying to even out the ingredients. Lets just say, by the end of the night we had tons - and I mean TONS- of very salty cookies. Disgusting.

They would also tell you not to let me cook dinner, because all you would get is fish and water. I'll go ahead and tell the story behind that. Everytime mom and dad would go out, I would happily volunteer to make dinner. Dinner would consist of the following: Fish, (the kind you get in a bag from Sam's), boxed mac and cheese (which is still one of my favorites, not gonna lie), and canned green beans. It was my favorite meal. One time I started to make it, and realized we didn't have mac and cheese or green beans. So I made them close their eyes and sit at the table. Then I set a plate of fish in front of them...and water to go a long with it. ;-) They will never let me live it down. Everytime I say anything close to "I'll make dinner!", their response is almost always "what? Fish and water?". It's ok. I love them anyway. hehe

I make homemade chex mix. Probably the best recipe my friend Anna has ever shared with me. I absolutely LOVE it. It's pretty crazy how excited I get when I make chex mix. So you can imagine how upset I was when I burnt TWO batches of it a few weeks ago. How did I burn it? Well I put the oven on 350...when it's suppose to be on 225. Yeah, small mistake there. The best part...I had made fun of my sister who had just made the same mistake the WEEK before!

ALLLL of that to say, tonight was no different. As I drove home from babysitting this afternoon, I was thinking it was a perfect day for some chili and bread rolls. Ya know, the kind you can get from Atlanta Bread Co. I'll go ahead and say...I love bread...but I'm not such a good bread-maker. They were looking pretty sad, but I didn't care because I was excited about how they would taste. So I took a nice big bite annnnd.... yuck! I wondered, "what went wrong with these??"... then it dawned on me. I forgot the salt. Brilliant. Oh well, the chili still tasted quite amazing. I didn't tell the girls...I waited to see if they would notice. And I'm laughing as I think about the scene. "What's wrong with these?", " Hailey, what did you leave out??", "Ewww...these are so bland! Gag! What did you do?". I really really wish I had a video. Especially since it took Linz a good 10 minutes to eat ONE of the rolls. Ooh, my sisters!

Wow...that was a super long blog post, but I just wanted you to get the full effect. Anyone want to see some of the amazingness from our dinner?

I almost always watch "Leave it to Beaver" or "I love Lucy" while I cook. Absolutely love them.

Ah...my pitiful loaf of bread...

I'm sure you've already figured out I'm a little quirky. But I always dice the diced tomatos. I don't like the big chunky red things in my chili ;-) haha.

Annnd, I decided to have a little fun with my food ;-) I thought it was funny anyway.

One day. One day I'm going to learn to cook really, really good. I might even get to be on TV for it ;-) Hah!


  1. I am MOST impressed...and now hungry.

    thanks a lot.

  2. I NEVER knew this about you!
    Yes, you'd make it on t.v. if you put your hand to cooking!...but there's so much to photography, could anyone exhaust it?

  3. You just need to become a photographer for a food magazine! :)

  4. hals, I love your blog posts. I was giggling pretty much through the entire post. Such memories. I miss dinner time at home...;)

  5. Lol, boxed mac & cheese is still one of my favorites too, Hailey...and now my niece asks for it everytime she comes over. ;) Your chili looks good!