Monday, March 21, 2011

Journey Event...and a little procrastination.

Here it is. The Journey Event recap that has only taken me what, 5 or 6 weeks? hah.. oh my. One of the reasons I haven't haven't blogged about it is because I have SO MANY PICTURES from it! I love so many of them. So I'm only going to share some of them. Otherwise this wouldn't get blogged until next YEAR! Another reason for the delay would be that I haven't even known how to sum the trip up in words. I still don't! So I'm just giving it a try here!

The workshop consisted of:
Sarah Danaher (pronounced danahair. or not...haha)
Rebekah Murray (or Rebekah January, or Murray, or J. You take your pick. )
Rebecca Downs (aka down blanket)
Angelina Gonzalez (babbs...or lina.)
Laura Pensack (the fabulousalwayscutelydressed girl. )
Kristi Witek (miss smiles)
Anna Montgomery (the legit graphic designer)

Yikes...I'm sitting here and I can't think of what to say next. Ummmm....

Well I'll start with the first night. Sarah made sure to get rid of any awkwardness by making us all play "Quelf". It worked.

From that night on, we were all besties. Haha...well, maybe not, but it definitely didn't take long. There's absolutely no way I can write about everything Sarah and Rebekah taught us, so I'll just highlight a bit.

-We started off "figuring out" ourselves which flows into creating your brand.
-Sarah and Rebekah had Jen (a fantastic graphic designer) come in and teach us/ask us questions about our brands. This was quite possibly one of the most helpful parts for me.
*Blogging Tips
-They taught us the importance of blogging consistently.
-They helped us think of ways we could engage more readers.
*Client relations
- We learned the importance of getting to know your client, and genuinely caring about them.
- One assignment we had, was coming up with 10 questions we would ask at a client meeting, and 10 questions we would ask during a shoot.
*Running a business
- How to keep track and handle taxes
- Organizing bank accounts and such
- Importance of writing a business plan
and so, so much more.
*Business Ethics
- The last day, Sarah shared several scripture references and applied them to running a business the right way.

Like I said, those are just a FEW highlights. Besides...I can't tell you everything, because YOU should go the next time they do it! *wink*

So! Time for pictures!!


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time!!!

  2. haha i love the description of me. you're awesome! i miss you like a lot.