Monday, February 14, 2011

The Journey Event...

So I'm in DC...yes, DC. Ahhh!!! I'm going to keep this short because I need to get some sleep..and I'm sure my room mate Babbs (spelt with two b' really makes a difference to her) would appreciate it too. :)

Anyway, day number one down, and it's been totally awesome. I am so full of information, I might pop. Not really, but it's been amazing!

So for a few pictures...

These are our fearless leaders Sarah and Rebekah. They are amazing. And very concentrated ;-)

And this picture pretty much sums up how I feel about the day. Full and excited!

Let me just go ahead and say it. I love airplanes. The end.

Coke anyone?

Ah, it was a fun flight!

Night everyone!!

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  1. I looooove DC!!! So much fun an it's full of amazing places to take pictures :) Have a great time!!!