Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adventures in Atlanta!

We explored a little bit of Atlanta, got lost-ish, shot some great photos, had some Starbucks, talked photography, and just had a blast!

Meet Angelina and Anntonette. Also known as Babbs and Curly. I met Babbs in Texas last summer when we both attended an IPS class together. Believe it or not, she's from ATLANTA! So a few weeks ago, we finally got together to hang out. It was quite overdue!!! Her sister Anntonette came a long too, and we had some great fun!!

Oh did I mention we are going to DC together? Well, we are!! And we are both super excited! We're going to be attending The Journey Event taught by the amazing Sarah Danaher and Rebekah Murray!

We're just a little excited. ;-)

Happy Tuesday!

Just so ya know...that's not my camera. It's Babb's. Yes, I held a Canon ;-)

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  1. Awww, you guys are sooooo lucky to be able to go to the Journey! I hope you learn tons!!! =)