Wednesday, January 19, 2011

friday afternoon + friends = great fun!

So I get off work at 2 on Fridays. Which leaves some great time for coffee dates, hanging out with friends, photo shoots, or....just chilling at home! My friend Kayla lives in Chicago now, and has been home for Christmas break for a while. Only, we haven't had a chance to hang out. Finally we found a day we could both hang out, and the ice had finally melted enough to get out!!

Kayla and I graduated together last summer, and boy was it fun! I even got to take her Senior pictures!! She's pretty much a picture fanatic too, so we definitely share that hobby! She's super sweet and creative...and she sews good too!!

We started off at the Avenues, walking in and out of stores, and ended at starbucks! I made her stop pretty often to pose for a picture. She was a sport! ;-)


Happy Wednesday!!

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