Monday, January 10, 2011

A year in review... [part 2]

Part promised! =)

Fall shoot with Ben and Allison!

My beautiful friend Anna...a wonderful Spring shoot!

Beautiful families...

My super cute nephew!

Nothing like playing baseball during the summer evenings...

First wedding of the year !

Allison and I went on a shoot fun!

More cute families!

Beautiful girl :)

We went to visit Ashlyn in Greenville, SC..and while I was there, I got to take pictures of Joe and Alyssa!

Beautiful bride!

Adorable children...

Kayla... a beautiful senior!!

More summer evening sports!

Back in February we got some pretty awesome snow!!

My sister and her hubby!

The Swint family. I wrote all about Mrs. Swint here.

Miss Kira! A wonderful girl I met at IPS!!

Brittany =)

I love going to fairs. Love it. Especially when I get to go with my awesome friends!!

We went to the beach in September...and I did a photoshoot for my sisters !

Another pretty sister!

Tiffany came home for a visit...we took this picture RIGHT before leaving for church. She's awesome!

My first newborn shoot. Loved. It. !!!!

Kelley is such a great mom!!

My wonderful photog friend Paige came for a visit right before she moved to Guam. We had soooo much fun! You better come back for a visit soon Paige!!

As I mentioned in the last post...we went swimming a lot this summer. Linz is quite the fish!

Another wonderful family shoot!

Well, that wraps up 2010! I've got some new photos coming very soon. A little hint, another pretty sister and 7 inches of SNOW!!! =)

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  1. I LOVE this Hals! Aww! Such good memories! And awesome pictures as always :)