Monday, October 25, 2010

The Holiday Deal! And... a bit of catching up!

First I'll start with the catching up. My goodness! Where has the year gone? Is it really the end of October already? I can hardly believe it! I know there has not been a whole lot of activity on the blog, but I have been staying busy taking lots of pictures! I update my Facebook Page pretty often. It's just so much faster than uploading the pictures to a thousand different places! Yes, I'm exaggerating....but, it really is very convenient! So if you haven't already, check it out!

Another update (that I'm very excited about) is that my website is finally finished! It took quite a bit of time, but with the help of some amazing friends (Anna Hammond and Paige Overturf) it is finally finished! I'm super excited about that. Sooo I definitely think you should swing by and take a look at it!

And now for the big announcement! *drum roll* I am now offering mini sessions! My schedule is so full (as is most everyone's) that I thought I take a day (starting at 10:00 am) and book it full of 30 minute mini sessions. The date will be Saturday, November 13, 2010. We will meet at a planned location at the Marietta square, and have some fun for 30 minutes! Because it is a holiday deal, the group number is unlimited! Woohoo! That long as there are not 100 people there. ;-) There is a deadline though! You must book your session by November 5, 2010 so that I can know who to plan on. Want to know what you will get out of this? Here are the details!

- 30 Minutes with me!
- a disk with 20-25 photos
- copyright release for unlimited prints
(Just so you know that ^^ means you can use the images for gifts, Christmas cards, and of course Facebook profile pictures. ;-) And many more things!)

All of this for $100!

So! Email me at so we can set up your time for photos! I'm so excited about the day!

(Offer ends November 5, 2010)