Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lauren and Kate :: Portraits

These little girls are simply ADORABLE! During the summer my sister babysat them a good bit, and I even got a chance to babysit them some too. They are so sweet, and super photogenic!

Charles and Shelley :: Portraits

At the very end of August, I was asked to take some photos of Charles and Shelley for their anniversary. It was a gift from Shelley's mom. We had so much fun walking around finding some great spots for photos. They were always awesome to brave the super hot July weather!

David and Tina :: Married

Look who's blogging! I know, it has been months! Between craziness and the lack of time to blog, I've mainly been updating my fan page on Facebook (which can be found Here) with recent photos.
I've been uploading pictures for quite a while, so look out for some more blog posts coming up. I might write a few tonight.

Anyway, here are just a few from David and Tina's wedding back in July. Enjoy!