Sunday, May 23, 2010

IPS | Prize Winning Photography 2

Wow, what an incredible week!! I was so excited going into this workshop, and I'm so happy I went. I am going to try my best to summarize everything we did throughout the week, but I may leave some things out.

I went for Prizewinning Photography 2, which meant a lot of people had already been there for a week after attending Prizewinning Photography 1. I arrived Sunday afternoon, and felt totally welcomed immediately! Everyone was so sweet! There some amazing girls girls there...and I'm so glad I got to meet every one of them!

Sunday night began our first session, which was some review from the previous week, and bit of an overview for the week. I can't even remember what we learned each day, but it was a LOT of stuff on the computer. I'll just try to hit a few of the highlights.

We had a lot of projects that required working with photoshop and lightroom. I've been working in lightroom for a long time, so it wasn't too bad...but photoshop was another story! Talk about a confusing program! ;-) The first two days was a little bit of information overload, but I learned a lot from it.

Wednesday we went to downtown San Antonio where we met a client and did a quick little photoshoot. We were places in groups of three or four people, and each of us had about 30 minutes to shoot by ourselves with someone we didn't know. It ended up being a ton of fun, and I think my group had a pretty amazing model. ;-)

Thursday was a blast! We were finally starting to understand how photoshop worked, and things were making a bit more sense. All of us girls were a bit on the tired side also. Get a dozen giggling girls together, and it's quite a hoot! Poor Rob (our other instructor)...I think we might have scarred him. ;-) It must have not been too bad, because he ended up taking us to McDonalds for some ice cream that night. Although he did make us sit in one of the sectioned off “party rooms”. Haha!

Friday....the last day. We had a big project which included taking pictures of the resort we stayed in, and making two post cards from it. The challenge went well, and it was so fun to see everyone's results! Everyone did such a great job. Later one that night began the goodbyes :( It was so sad to leave so many great friends!

It was a great trip! Many thanks to Sara Danaher and Rob Bennet for their amazing instructions! They taught us so much, not only about photography, but how we can use photography for a great tool in showing the beauty of Christ!

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