Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Howerton Kids =]

Many of you know me and Brittany went on a missions trip to Romania last year. (We got a bonus of a week at a conference in Germany also!) So yes, last summer was a long time ago…but it's better late then never right? All of my pictures from the trip were on the family desktop, and rather unorganized;) haha. So, they are finally on my computer! I took close to 8,000 pictures on the trip, so I was weeding out the repeats. Whew, that takes a long time! ;) But, when I came across these pictures I wanted to post them so bad! Me and Brittany fell in love with these kids, and seeing these pictures made me miss them so much!

I took these pictures literally right before we left to come home. They were all great! Especially since the boys "didn't" want their picture taken.

One of all the kids! From left to right: Drew, Gina, Spencer, Joey, Zach, and Nate.

Such a beautiful little girl!

Joey and Gina are twins, and the Howertons adopted them (actually still in the process I think).
(Joey isn't in focus in the picture, but I think it's the sweetest picture ever!)

Awww!! Those eyes!!

Nate was pretty determined he wasn't going to smile =]


Love this of Zach!

Drew!! And the dog ;-)

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