Monday, March 1, 2010

Recent Life...

Lately I've been trying to push myself to get my camera out and take more pictures of life in general. Most of the time I get busy and don't pull my camera out unless I have a shoot, or if someone asks me to take a picture. Then later, I wish I had pictures from the "ordinary days". So, a few weekends ago when the weather was warm and sunny, I thought that would be the perfect time to start! Lindsey was outside washing cars, so I took a few pictures of her doing that. Everyone else was gone, so it ends up, that's all I have pictures of. :)

Timmy and Ethan came to spend the day with us last week. Of course I'm pretty much always ready to take out my camera when they are here. :) So I got a few of them.

The last pictures are from Saturday. What a fun day! It started off early when Tiff and I went to find some photo shoot locations. I took some pictures of her in exchange for a good navigator and fun company! We didn't have much time, but we got some cute pictures. I'll post those soon. After we finished up, we headed to a wedding shower for a friend. Anna and Rebekah were there, so after the shower was over, we all headed to the park. We had so much fun hanging out and taking some pictures.

Again, the photos are out of order. Sorry! One day I will learn how to fix that. ;-)

She's so beautiful!!

Fun at the park!

The boys wanted to be covered up with their animals.

Ethan plays the piano :)

Timmy played "Topple" with Lindsey. (Lindsey told me to make sure she was not in the picture ;) )

The boys with their favorite aunt!

We attempted a picture. haha. Thanks for trying Linz!

Washing her cars. In this picture she's spraying the water at Katelyn as she backs the car in.

Scrubbin' away!

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