Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Family Pictures!

Last Friday we had our pictures taken! My friend Anna Hammond took them for us =] I think she was pretty great! Especially since I bossed her around half the time telling her what to do ;) And her sister Rebekah also came a long. She was really great, and worked the miracle of getting the little boys to look near the camera ;)
It was also freezing everyone was really great about enduring the weather ;) Especially poor Ashlyn who had pneumonia! Anyways, here they are...thanks Anna and Bek! =]

Britt getting all fixed up =]

Sherilyn and Tim....i loved their outfits!

My favorite family picture! =] I think we're going to get a big canvas made of it!

wanna cookie?

Poor little guy was not enjoying the weather!

Mrs. Dede Swint took a picture of us girls like this several years's fun to have another and compare it...everyone has changed so much!

Taking everything back to the warm car! =]


  1. Great ones Hailey! I wish I hadn't placed my order yet! I really love the one of me and Timmy. Thank you!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I just love the one of you and your sisters on the ground!!! That is adorable!!

  3. Aw, those turned out really good! I love all the candid shots. =) I cant wait to see the ones you did of us! =D hopefully I dont look to stressed in them....cuz that was a really stressful day for me! those kids were so hard to get ready! lol.


  4. How cute! I love the first black and white one of your whole family and then the one of all you girls! Anna did a GREAT job!