Monday, May 18, 2009

Keith and Leah

This past weekend Dede was going to be taking pictures of Keith and Leah, and let me come a long with her to help! Keith and Leah let me stay with them while I was there! We had a great Time and I'm really happy with the way the pictures turned out.

btw, these pictures were taken with my brand new Nikon D90! I loooove it!


  1. awesome pics girly!!! :))


  2. WOW!!!! Hailey, those are soooo good!!! Lauren told me you had taken some of Keith and Leah, I was hoping you would put them on.
    I'm so jealous you have the D90! Lol! I love that camera!!
    Great pics girl!!

  3. I'm just as sick as I can get.

  4. Love the sand on her feet in the last one. :) Great pictures!