Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pictures - Matt and Sherilyn

I took some pictures of Matt and Sherilyn really fast yesterday...we attempted a few family shots, but the boys were not in the mood :) So we'll try again later!


  1. Oh Boy! You got that big bad reflector out on them, didn't you??? I see it in their eyes! Their eyes are "lit up" beautifully! And they did really good by not squinting. I remember those days of torturing my subjects. Be careful, go easy on people and they'll sit for you again. I never had any discretion back then. You however, have a good head on you.

  2. Oh! And Matt's haircut is great! Is that gray hair?? It looks great short, doesn't it?

  3. Hey Hailey!! It's Paige, Lauren Koritko's sister. Heidi gave me your blog link. Your pictures are amazing!! Keep up the good work!! Sherilyn look so pretty. I love your jewelry!!

    Love ya girlie!