Monday, December 22, 2008


Yesterday I got to take some of Heidi's senior pics! We found a great place to take them!

i went a little crazy with the coloring in this one :)

i love this one!!

this wall was sooo awesome...but it was too bright to get any really good pictures...but I thought this one was still pretty cool

The sun was really bright...which added some unwanted shadows, but this one is still cute.

After we finished Britt a few pictures of us :)


  1. Hailey, you did a great job!=)Thanks, I love them=)
    We'll go again when it's better weather, maybe closer to spring=) love you!

  2. woah girl! you did pick a great spot!
    the details couldn't be better! Brick and Black... Beautiful.

    I had the studio set up all afternoon. you could've shot in there.